How to Create an SEO Strategy: The Complete Guide

Building a small business in 2020 means you’re definitely going to have to finally learn about SEO. Maybe you’ve heard of it, know it has something to do with Google, but aren’t sure how to utilize an SEO strategy?You have come to the right place. SEO has become crucial to digital marketing. In fact, 61% of marketing professionals recently said it’s among their very top priorities on the job.

So, if you are new to SEO, and looking to get into the game, please read on for a complete guide to getting started!

What Is SEO?

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Ten Best Keyboard Shortcuts Every Keyboarder Should Know

It is hard to believe that the use of computers in the workplace has been common practice for 30 years now. Of course, technology has changed and advanced over the years in an attempt to save time and increase a worker’s productivity. For the millennial and post-millennial generations, using computers and various other technologies are akin to breathing…they use their computer without even giving it a second thought as to what they are doing on it. For those of us who are older, and have had the everyday use of computers introduced to us as adults, we Read more